Thursday, 28 April 2011


We took a quick trip to Lausanne this week to meet up with David's best friend from primary school again, before his return to the US. It also happened to be my birthday. We packed light and took a train to Evian-les-Bains so we could catch the ferry over to Lausanne for the night.

Arriving in the lovely train station at Evian

You get to walk across the tracks in front of the trains - a bit of a treat!

Two children going wild in the Palais Lumière Evian (surely not mine!)

Gorgeous windows in the Palais Lumière - we also filled our water bottle from one of the four sources of water in the entry (not sure if this is the done thing but we did it!)

The boat to Switzerland

Goodbye Evian

Hello Lutry

Nesting swan

In Dav's old school playground

The two troublemakers - slightly older and wiser!

On our way up the the Old Town (Despite my skilfully light packing this time, we acquired a vintage skateboard which I then had to carry for 2 days)

The Cathedral


Wandering through town (still carrying that damn skateboard)

On the metro

Skateboarding lessons

A quick dip in the fountain (how un-Swiss!)

At the Olympic Museum (we met some skateboarders who said the skateboard would fetch US$300 on Ebay...hmmmm...)

Lunch on the terrace