Sunday, 27 March 2011

Megève 2011

Our ski holiday this year was two weeks of firsts: Jasper's first piste rouge and the first time he mastered the tire-fesses, Lily's first trip to hospital in an ambulance, David's first meet-up with his best friend from childhood in about 25 years, David's and my first try at snowboarding, our first time using Megève's wonderful Magnestick system of kids' safety vests for the chairlifts. Dramas aside (and it didn't turn out to be *that* serious) it was a great two weeks.


Family photo (look closely for a shy 4 year old)

Take-off looks so easy but its not...

At least we looked good (or thought we did!)

David and his buddy

Lovely thick snow in our garden...shame it all melted!

My girl

Jasper taking the tire-fesses

Bored kids waiting for Mum and Dad to sort out their snowboards at the ski-hire shop!

Proud as punch on his first red piste

Lily and I off to Sallanches in an ambulance to rule out meningitis...only a father could have taken this photo!


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Nice holidays!
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Anonymous said...

I just found your photos. It's great to see the kids skiing coming on so well. Jasper looks like a natural.
Talk soon. Love M
PS. I still haven't worked out my password.

Anonymous said...

fabulous photos. Was that Soel? Dav's friend?
Hugs MG