Monday, 1 November 2010

To the french trick-or-treaters

who rang our buzzer at 10pm last night....

Firstly, I'm sorry my husband sounded like a grumpy old bear and told you not to ring our buzzer because the children were asleep. You see, when you stand in the corridor, giggling and wearing a face mask, we just think you're being obnoxious teens.

A good way to avoid this in future, might be to actually say something, like, oh I don't know, "Trick or Treat" or whatever the french equivalent is. This way, those of us who don't actually give a shit about Halloween (which includes us and most of your compatriots) might realize what day it is and what you are doing. And we might actually have shared our late-night stash of hazelnut chocolate with you. But now you'll never know!


Anonymous said...

Perhaps they thought there were americans living in your apartment and weren't aware that Australians are just as disinterested in halloween as most of the rest of the world.
Am I being too generous?
Love M

screamish said...

Ha! at 3pm my husband woke up from his nap to a knock on the door, four teenagers (who I suspect sell hash round the corner) with Scream masks knock on the door and say "Eh! C'est Halloween, on veut des bonbons"

Needless to say they didnt get's trick or treat, not a mugging!