Wednesday, 1 September 2010

La rentrée 2010

Yes, well, we are back obviously. It was an amazing holiday and we've spent the last two weeks enjoying summer, but that's all over now, its the rentrée tomorrow. I love the rentrée. Not only because the kids are close to killing each other and need some time apart, but because its like the start of a whole new year and autumn is just around the corner.

On which note, I will announce my two new year's resolutions and let's see if I follow through with them. The first is to find a good french class that wont break the bank (meaning I cannot afford to go to IFALPES or CILFA for intensive classes, much as I might like to). The second is to find a volunteer position that fits in well around school, the kids, after-school activities and my french classes.

So first things first. I just got off the phone from an amazingly friendly french woman who told me all about their FREE french classes, four mornings a week from 930 - 1100. Did I mention they are FREE! And to top it off they are literally around the corner from home. They are run by volunteer retired french teachers. A different teacher does each day each week and you work on different things - there is no curriculum as such. There are 3 levels, so you are with people of a similar level. And there is no requirement to come all four days (thereby leaving at least one morning a week free for marché/café with friends!). So I will be trying them out next week and will go to each session to see how they are. She also invited me to her home for a soirée she runs for foreigners (I did mention she was friendly!)

If I don't like those classes, there is a french class at the MJC Annecy-le-Vieux, that I can enrol in on 9 September, as I don't live in the area. And I am waiting for a call from the teacher that does the french class at our local MJC. So I have lots of avenues to pursue and really no one to blame if I don't get a class organized this year, given both kids will be at school mornings and afternoons.

As for the volunteer position, once I get the class sorted I will go and see the volunteer association who helps coordinate all the positions and see what I can do.

So on that note, bonne rentrée à tous!


deuxoutroischoses said...

Hey that sounds great! Good luck with it. The volunteer agency actually sounds perfect because it's ex teachers, rather than just anyone so it could be really good. The good thing about retired teachers is also that they learnt the 'classic' way so they know their French grammar inside and out!

As for volunteering, what about the AVF?

Penny said...

I hope its as good as it sounds. A friend thinks I am going to be sold into slavery! Yes, I will look into AVF, I think...