Monday, 6 September 2010

A good rentrée all round

The kids did great with the rentrée this year. Both are in mixed grade classes, have excellent teachers and were lucky enough to score their best friend in their class. I had my rentrée today when I tried out the first of my four morning a week french classes. I was very impressed with the Monday teacher, who quickly adapted her teaching to my level and that of my other classmate (there were only two of us in our group). I'm really keen to see what the rest of the week's teachers are like. But for now, at least, I know I'll definitely be going Mondays.

All smiles this year!

New slippers for a new year


christine said...

They seem happy to be going! Charlotte is in a mixed class too, petite-moyen. We'll see how it goes. It's a class of 30!

deuxoutroischoses said...

That's great news about your French class!

Your kids have really adapted so well, good on them. As Christine says in her comment, they look really happy to be going off to school, always a good sign! Do they still have Australian accents when they speak English?

Penny said...

2ou3 - definitely! They speak good aussie english mate! Ok, well, they dont actually say mate but they definitely have australian accented english. Its about all they hear. :-)