Saturday, 8 May 2010

A rare sighting in Annecy*

Spotted, out of the way, on the top shelf of the biscuit aisle in Monoprix. I wonder if I'll be able to introduce any of my friends here to the delights of the Tim Tam Slam?

*Note, photo was taken after packet had already been ripped open by excited six year old.


Rosebank Magic said...

I can't understand how I have missed out on the tim tam slam, only to find that it has a wikipedia entry from 2002 . For those who have been deprived of tim tams for some time I think the process would be a little time wasting when all you want to do is sink your teeth into one.
Well spotted but fancy them being in Annecy, must be for the Australian tourists!

screamish said...

yay! i found a packet too in my local Monoprix! it lasted all of 3 seconds...