Saturday, 8 May 2010

An expensive trip to the library

While David took Jasper for a run this morning, Lily and I set out for some mummy/daughter time. First stop, coffee and a treat, then we were planning on going to the library to see the Little Red Riding Hood display they have at the moment. But, alas, as I had already forgotten once today, it is a public holiday so the library was closed. No worries, we just went next door to the bande dessinée shop. And quite a few euros later we both came home happy...

Lily is already nose-deep into her smurf book (and surprisingly, did not want her photo taken)

Whereas I'm going to wait a bit longer before I start mine. I love it when I know I have a book waiting for me on the shelf that I'm really going to enjoy and this one sounds like just my thing. What's more, its the first of a series so I'll have others to look forward to later. I think this is officially the start of my BD collection (usually I am cheap and just borrow them from the library)

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Rosebank Magic said...

More wikipedia checking - my general/literary knowledge is being extended this morning!
They sound fun but I doubt if you would find them tucked away is Australian second hand book store.