Tuesday, 25 May 2010

First randonnée

We put off doing any bushwalks with the kids last summer as Jasper basically didn't like walking, anywhere! Now that he is a bit bigger, we thought we'd give it a go. Its a nice walk up to the forest here, as you pass the Basilique and then not far along there are a few different trails to choose. We walked for quite a while through the forest, collecting sticks and rocks and seedpods, and then took a trail down to Sevrier where we decided to check out a restaurant called "Le Poisson Rouge" which had been recommended ages ago by a friend. We had a fantastic seafood lunch (well, Jasper ate steak haché although Lily turned her nose up at her's and I don't blame her - it was bluer than blue! Jasper gobbled it down.) Then we walked back home along the bikepath and the lakefront where possible. All up, the kids did wonderfully, considering that we walked 10.5kms!

Sunday, 16 May 2010

Three years!

We are celebrating the three year anniversary of our arrival in France today! So a big thank you to everyone - all our friends and family in Oz and elsewhere around the world who have kept in touch and made us feel like we weren't so far away, my wonderful friends here (merci, les filles!), all my blogging and other expat friends who helped keep me going when times were tough and most of all Réné! WTF? Remember Réné, our old neighbour? Well, if it hadn't been for him making my life so damned miserable for the first 18 months, I'd never have been motivated to find our new apartment, one where we all feel so at home.

So thanks everyone!!

Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Double score at the library!

I did well this morning. Sometimes, I go to the library and nothing much takes my fancy. Today I got lucky. As well as getting Labyrinth, I found Marc Levy's latest book. I've never read any of his books before but I'm willing to give them a try given that they are so popular (and that I've almost finished all of Guillaume Musso's!). I hope I like them as much...

Through dangers untold and hardships unnumbered...

Guess what we're watching for movie night tonight! I hope the kids like it as much as I do. And I just may have to check out the Manga sequel Return to Labyrinth...

Saturday, 8 May 2010

A rare sighting in Annecy*

Spotted, out of the way, on the top shelf of the biscuit aisle in Monoprix. I wonder if I'll be able to introduce any of my friends here to the delights of the Tim Tam Slam?

*Note, photo was taken after packet had already been ripped open by excited six year old.

An expensive trip to the library

While David took Jasper for a run this morning, Lily and I set out for some mummy/daughter time. First stop, coffee and a treat, then we were planning on going to the library to see the Little Red Riding Hood display they have at the moment. But, alas, as I had already forgotten once today, it is a public holiday so the library was closed. No worries, we just went next door to the bande dessinée shop. And quite a few euros later we both came home happy...

Lily is already nose-deep into her smurf book (and surprisingly, did not want her photo taken)

Whereas I'm going to wait a bit longer before I start mine. I love it when I know I have a book waiting for me on the shelf that I'm really going to enjoy and this one sounds like just my thing. What's more, its the first of a series so I'll have others to look forward to later. I think this is officially the start of my BD collection (usually I am cheap and just borrow them from the library)

Monday, 3 May 2010

Gotta love Amazon!

I try not to order too many books online. For starters, until recently, we had nowhere to put them. Also, left to my own devices, I can whip through a crappy thriller (in english) in an afternoon/evening so it becomes an expensive habit. So mostly I content myself with the library where every now and then I find something new in english I want to read, and otherwise I pick up easy-ish to read thrillers in french.

But, I was recently the lucky recipient of an amazon gift voucher so one night I stayed up late and looked up a few fav authors who I've lost track of since the move. I thought I'd order everything from the one secondhand seller and save money by combining postage. Obviously, I don't do this a lot as it appears that posting everything separately must be how they make their money.

So, I came home to this today...

Yes, six of the seven books I've ordered have already arrived...it was a bit like Christmas...until I got them all unwrapped and wondered what Father Christmas was smoking...

Can you pick the odd one out? Yes, instead of another Robert Goddard thriller, I got this...

I'm actually tempted to keep it. For one, my time in sending it back to change it is worth more than I paid for the book and two, well, after reading the Lost Symbol, it just might be interesting!

But for now, I am 70 pages into the new Guillaume Musso - its great! I wish he'd do a book signing in Annecy...

Saturday, 1 May 2010

Un goûter franco-australien!

Pikelets with nutella...