Thursday, 7 January 2010

Jasper in the snow

We had such a lovely lot of snow on Monday and Tuesday that Jasper has been spending his afternoons in the park in his snow gear. Our usual summer haunt, l'éveché park was a foot deep in pristine snow, before they cleared the paths, and was a beautiful spot to play with the beach toys! If you listen closely in the video you'll hear the progress Jasper has made in his french. In the last month or so, he has started speaking it quite fluently, although still with some errors, of course and with a funny little accent, that will be soon gone.


Rosebank Magic said...

His voice sounds just like Lily's, same pitch and tone. He's obviously having a good time.

Is he the only child playing in the snow? Don't french children play in the snow? It looks wonderful!

Is this the park near the canal and the Tea Salon (I've fogotten the french name, was it salon du the?)

It's still raining lovely rain here this morning.

deuxoutroischoses said...

Happy New Year! (from Rochelle)
We've gotten a bit of snow ourselves, I love it. The novelty has yet to wear off!

Anonymous said...

What a white fantasy wonderland. Very cute little Eskimo running around.
Hugs Mimi

screamish said...

so cute! the snow is all powdery and soft's all gone here, the rain melted it but I'm glad, now we can go for a walk...