Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Bye bye Bonlieu!

I feel a little nervous tonight as I sit here with everything packed up around me. I know we're making the right move, but change is a scary thing! Then again, if I can cope with moving halfway across the world I should be able to cope with moving 5 minutes away. Although we've never felt quite right in this apartment, it will always be our first home in France so I'll always think fondly of it for that reason. But for now, its goodbye to Réné (our neighbour), good bye to my gas stovetop, goodbye to a shower and most of all goodbye to this duck-egg blue wallpaper.

Any bets on how long it will take us to get the internet connected in the new place?

Céréale aux Anchois!

Ah, the lengths we go to. The kids go nuts whenever David buys chocolate Cruesli (his preferred cereal) and it creates so many dramas whether they do eat it (massive sugar highs for both) or don't (massive tantrums by the littlest Giorgi). So I pretty much stopped buying it and left David to sort out his own breakfast.

Now, as he is not a porridge aficionado (like the rest of us are so long as there is nothing better in the kitchen), it didn't take him long to buy his own packet and try to disguise it. Of course, given that these kids will eat just about anything, he had to be rather imaginative about what sort of cereal it was. I like his package design - especially the little "attention!" sign with the anchovies on the side of the pack. And its "new" too! And, what's more, it worked. It wasn't until he'd finished the whole packet and put the box in the recycling that they even noticed it.

Sunday, 5 April 2009


I have spent the last three days scrubbing the new apartment. I thought I was bad at housework but I have nothing on the old tenants of our new place. The kind guy who did the état de lieu said as we received it dirty, we can leave it dirty! Now, even I couldn't make that kind of mess in three years. But I'm pleased to say it has scrubbed up a treat and I cant wait for the big move on Wednesday.

Wednesday, 1 April 2009


We have signed our lease! The apartment is ours! No one can steal it out from under our noses now. We'll get the keys tomorrow after the état de lieu and we'll be moving in next Wednesday. I'm sure I'll be hanging around there a bit in the meantime