Sunday, 20 December 2009


Its snowing again here (yay!). But for about an hour this morning, the clouds disappeared, the sun came out and I went running. I was well-dressed so once I got underway I was nice and warm. And it was so beautiful. There was snow all long the lake and covering the mountains. The bike path had only been cleared a little way so most of the time I ran on about two inches of fresh crunchy snow which glistened in the sunlight.

When I reached my turnaround point and headed back, the sun warmed the backs of my legs. I got to the electronic "Welcome to Annecy" sign and ran around in circles while I waited for it to go through its loop of public service announcements before coming back to the first page and the temperature, -8degC. I was a little disappointed. I thought for sure I would hit negative double digits! About ten minutes from home, the clouds came back and my face started to get very cold. By the time I was turning into our street, all I could think of was a bath. The kids were arguing about something when I walked in the front door saying, "cold...don't care...sort it out yourselves". But as I sank into a hot bath, I felt really really good!


Rosebank Magic said...


Racheal - Miles Away In France said...

Hi, I just wanted to say hello and to let you know I am back in the world of blogging. It's early days yet, I've got a lot of caching up to do.
Have a great Christmas x

Penny said...

Hi Racheal. Good to see you back - what's your blog address these days? have a wonderful Christmas :-)

Racheal - Miles Away In France said...

Hi Penny,
I am back at my old haunt