Thursday, 24 December 2009

Joyeux Noël

Well, the turkey is in the fridge, most of the presents are wrapped and we've lit our Angel Chimes. No doubt, Father Christmas will be making his way down our chimney very soon. It hasn't been quite the Christmas Eve, I'd planned, due to a last minute nasty bout of gastro that struck down everyone except Nurse David, who literally was on call most of Tuesday night. I'm just hoping I can rustle up some Christmas spirit and a bit of energy for the big day...but enough about me...Merry Christmas everyone!


Rosebank Magic said...

A lovely photo and Lily and Jasper both look positively angelic.

I hope you are all feeling better and that 'the nurse' doesn't come down with it now.

Hopefully we'll get to talk at sometime during your day, I'll call you late in our day when all the rush has settled down.

Love and big hugs to you all, M

Bidi Bidi Centre and Programs said...

Merry Christmas Pen

How beautiful the children look!

Today it is relatively cool - 37 degrees - and very quiet being our non-rest of family Christmas. We have two extras - a very nice Masai man and his Australian wife who is Jewish, and seems just as nice as he is. So soon it will be dinner and party games.

Mum and I have made all that needs to be made and we are all resting - just checking your blog before I go and rest some more. Remember to dodge the eggs and milk after a gastro - I always forget this til too late..

love Jo

screamish said...

they do look angelic....hope the gastro disappeared on time...hope you had a great the cold (and not 37 degrees!)

The Telfers at Warragal Park said...

What a bugger to get crook at Chrissy! We managed to have it the week before - I just hope we didn't pass it on to others who got the bug at Xmas time.
I hope you are all feeling much better by now (or did hubby succumb??)
Have a happy new year!