Monday, 14 December 2009

Getting in the spirit!

Its getting nice and cold here but no more snow yet (despite my obsessing reading of the weather page). Still we have been making the most of things. We had a wonderful visit from Piero and Silvana and also caught up for an apèro with some aussie friends who came back into town. Last week we spent a fun afternoon ice skating outdoors. We also got the Christmas tree decorated and finished the letters to Father Christmas...

Jasper reading a book with Mamie Silvana

Jasper with eyes tight shut (his current photo pose)

Jasper venturing out on his own on real skates

Lily getting her groove back (its been a while)

Decorating the tree

Putting on the angel

How Christmassy is that front door?

Letters to Father Christmas


Piero&Silvana said...

Chère Penny,
merci pour ces belles Christmas photos. Féliitations aussi pour la belle nouvelle coupe : tu es vraiment très belle.
Piero et moi, nous avons été super contents d'avoir partagé votre vie avec vos merveilleux Lily et Jasper, nos petits-enfants. A tous les quatre, nos Christmas salutations et
bonne route à Père Noel

Rosebank Magic said...

Jasper, is that your printing on your letter to Father Christmas? I didn't know that you could print - now you will be able to send me letters.

Lily, your writing is looking very good. It wont be long until it is as good as Mum's.

screamish said...

is that really your front door?? it's so...medieaval!!

family lucky thing...I'm staving off rampant homesickness...enjoy it, your lovely family!

Penny said...

Merci Silvana - ça nous a fait plaisir de vous voir! Bonne fêtes a toute le monde à Gargnano :-)

Mum - yes, he's obviously gifted ;-). Strangely he has shown no interest in writing to family members yet and the only things he *has* written have involved Thunderbirds. Check out Lily's Christmas card to you (should arrive soon) and you will see her handwriting is already much nicer than mine! That's french schools for you - emphasis on the basics :-)

Screamish, yes, that's our door. I don't often take time to appreciate but its quite beautiful (not medieval though!). My homesickness is currently sated by my recent purchase of return tickets for a holiday to Oz in July/August. Ongoing feelings of never quite belonging anywhere though, that's something else!