Monday, 30 November 2009

Snowy morning

There was heaps of snow falling when I dragged myself out of bed at 7am today. Just the thing to brighten a dreary Monday morning. Of course, its stopped now and will melt soon but I took some nice photos from the balcony anyway. I've been waiting for my first snowy morning in this apartment and it didn't disappoint!

The castle

Looking down the canal

Looking towards the lake

And yesterday...our last full english brekkie for a while (eating the last of the sausages David brought back from Brighton)


Thrifted Treasure said...

Lovely! I'd love some snow after all the heat we've been getting here in Sydney. Hubbie's been taking French lessons!!

screamish said...

English sausages!!! yay!!!

What's the story about Fatboy's and Ric's? You mean the Embassy (or was it The Empire?) will sht them down???

Anonymous said...

Well I had some blog to catch up. All those lovely photos. Yes I loved donkey skin as a kid. Some of those archetypal fairy tale themes are based in the Irish saint Dypnas with a similar tale without the donkey. Wasn't katherine deneuve great in it. So princess like.
Well I was blown away by the cute photos of Leon the plush rabbit photos and the cute school work photos. Seems bizarre getting marks at 3 yrs of age but at least it gives you an idea. What fantastic festivals you have there.
Hugs Mimi

Maaike said...

oohh, loving the snow pics!! We had frost the other morning, haven't seen anything like that for 15 years and SO we went outside to touch it haha

Rosebank Magic said...

I wish we were having a snowy morning here - the weather is putrid - very hot and very humid!
Even the pool is hot - remember how it was for your first Christmas at Rosebank, we're having a re run.