Saturday, 10 October 2009

A weekend with Léon

Jasper has settled in really well to his mornings at school. He seems to understand everything well but doesn't speak much. His teacher is new to the school and seems very enthusiastic. One of her projects involves the class doudou (cuddly toy) called Léon. Each weekend a different child takes Léon and his cahier home for the weekend and brings him back on Monday with the cahier completed with a couple of photos and a description of what he and Léon have been doing so he can tell the class.

Jasper was really pleased to bring Léon home last weekend. We took him out to sushi at a new restaurant that has just opened in the Old Town. Jasper was sorry to have to hand him back on Monday, and despite our best efforts at priming him, didn't have anything to say to the class about what they did!

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Emily said...

That is just too sweet. It looks like Leon had a great weekend with Jasper.