Saturday, 10 October 2009

Thank you Women's Weekly

One of my favourite presents as a child was a cookbook I was given at about 9. It was from my english grandmother and so was full of strange recipes for things like "Toad in the Hole". I have fond memories of my brother and I making cheese wrapped hot dogs and other delights during the school holidays.

I've been looking for a good kid's cookbook for Lily but specifically an australian one so it was in english and with all the measurements we're used to. So I was pleased to see an extract of a new cook book called Little Kitchen in this month's WW. We tried a few of the recipes together with Lily doing most of the work. Their little egg and bacon breakfast pies were a huge hit as were the crunchy chicken fingers. Not so keen on the pancakes - they needed sugar! But the recipes are nicely illustrated and simple to follow. One for the Christmas list!

Making crunchy chicken fingers


Rosebank Magic said...

I've got it under control. Great photos and the recipes sound really good. Lily is obviously enjoying herself.

Rosebank Magic said...

I've got it. I was looking for a Women's Weekly book but got myself sorted out eventually. I'll send it over for Christmas.
By the way, do you still have the book from Granny Jo?