Saturday, 10 October 2009

On the balcony

We did quite well with parts of our little garden over summer. We've had a quite a few cherry tomatoes and had some nice little lettuces until Puddy decided to start using the pots for a litter tray. That was the end of the lettuces and carrots but I took evasive action with some alfoil and saved the tomatoes. Our geraniums did not like the full summer sun and had a bad patch until I realized that fertilizer could help. I think they were also lacking in iron. They are now really happy with the cooler weather and will last a bit longer I think. I've already bought some bulbs which we will plant once the last of the tomatoes dies. And I finally got a nice big pot for a mixture of herbs. I'm hoping that they will last a bit given that the balcony gets a lot of winter sun.

Hanging up we have a big thing of pink garlic which David bought at the markets. I sent him out for a bulb of garlic and he came back with a dozen which, if kept cool, will supposedly last all winter. I just break off a clove at a time as I need it. Unfortunately I cant keep them out of the sun but it seems the weather is starting to cool down now after a warm start to autumn.

The tomatoes that havent quite worked out its autumn!

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