Thursday, 10 September 2009

New beginnings

Well, the start to school has gone quite smoothly. The tooth fairy made her first appearance the night of the rentrée bringing Lily a small jeweled ladybird box in which to put her teeth for collection from now on. Lily is very happy to finally be in CP and have homework. Jasper is settling in well to the maternelle, even though he doesn't much like to go in the mornings. David comes along with us for the drop-off and manages to distract him well. No one is getting quite enough sleep and I've had my first cold in about a year so things are a little disorganized. I did manage to go to the open day at a language school I am going to try this year. They have 90 minute french classes once a week which should fit in well with our daily life. Now if I could just get well and put my three free hours in the morning to good use...

A present from the tooth fairy

At home just before leaving for the first day (note Jasper's bravado was just about to fail)

En route to school

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Rosebank Magic said...

Jasper does look rather apprehensive. How's he going now - a little happier I hope. First days at school are always hard, especially if you are only three!