Friday, 28 August 2009

Hola Alicante!

We spent an excellent four days in Alicante, Spain. We stayed at the Melia Alicante, which was big and ugly but well-placed and had everything we needed. Over the course of four days, we went for a long walk up to the castle on top of a hill, took the tram down to a quiet sandy beach and took a boat-ride over to a little fishing island. Our nights were spent lazily eating and drinking (mostly tapas, paella and sangria). The kids quickly got used to eating dinner at 930pm and spending their days on the beach...

Hotel and castle in the background

First paella

On the way up to the castle on our first day...

Cooling off at some fountains on the long hot walk up

We made it!

Looking down to the beach, our hotel and the marina

Very hot sand on the main beach next to our hotel

El castillo at night

Having tapas at dusk

Our favourite square

The best paella

On the ferry on the way to Isla Tabarca


Gorgeous pebbly bay on Tabarca

Jasper and his art exposition

Making paint

The drinks kept getting bigger and bigger

Sunrise from our hotel room


Rosebank Magic said...

They're Great - but sunrise? I thought you were on holiday and would be sleeping long after sunrise.The beach looks just as sandy as an Australian beach but did they have those lounges and umbrellas that you see on so many European beaches. Food looks yummy too!

steph said...

des photos superbes!!!!!! vous avez du bien profiter...

Penny said...

Sleeping in? No, I was up at 7am twice to go running. Also there was a big crowd for breakfast if you got there late so I just got everyone up early anyway...Yes, Lounges and umbrellas...for hire!

Oui, Stéph crois-moi, j'ai bien profité du sangria!!

screamish said...

ho, a fountain....i wish...and what strikes me is that it all looks very nice and clean, but then i havent left france for a year....

The Telfers at Warragal Park said...

It looks like you had a lovely holiday. Isn't it great to go to new places and do new things?