Saturday, 15 August 2009

Better late than never...

I'd better get these photos up from our un-holiday in the UK as we are leaving in a week for a few days in Spain.

All up, it was a good time. It was nice to see Joan again and her friends made us all very welcome. The kids had a great time. Dav worked a lot and I was a bit stressed. The weather was crap but the english sausages made up for it. It was fun to be back in an english speaking environment and I stocked up on lots of kids books in the charity shops. Also picked up a few recent best-sellers for me - a real treat! Not to mention the three packs of sausages I brought home in my bag...


Op shopping day in Newbury (We brought home 50 kids books - luckily Easyjet has a pretty good luggage allowance!)

Full english breakfast at the Bear

The local playground (lots of fun even if I couldn't buy a cup of tea in the village after 3pm each day)

Two seconds on my own in Oxford (or how I walked off in a huff!)


Going back up to White Horse hill (let's just not talk about the fight in the car between the 42 year old with the map in the backseat and the 88 year old with poor eye-sight but an amazing sense of direction in the front!)

Lily doing her paper-run (putting the papers outside the oldies' doors)

Swimming in a friend's heated pool

A great meal on our last day at The Bear in Hungerford


Rosebank Magic said...

Welcome back.
The scary thing about 88 year olds is that they get us offside so easily but they usually turn out to be right in the end. Life is too short to get upset by them and our only consolation can be that that at some stage we too will be 88 (hopefully) and able to have the same effect on our children and grandchildren. The kids look quite bemused by their enormous English full breakfast and you are still to look more French than Australian. It's all to do with attitude!!

screamish said...

hurrah for charity shops filled with 40p second hand books!!!!!

oh but theres nothing worse than huffy fights in cars on holiday...jhjhfjdhfdjgghhhhh!

Rosebank Magic said...

I've just re read my post and what I thought I said was that you are starting to look more French than Australian. That's what I meant anyway!

minniebeaniste said...

Lovely blog, Penny - caught my eye at first because French friends are moving to Annecy (from Nice; one from the area, the other from Avignon), then I read on ... Hope you enjoy your trip to Spain