Saturday, 11 July 2009

Cocktail Scandinave

I didn't know this shop existed until a few months ago. Its good to know there is an alternative to IKEA when it comes to affordable furniture. We ordered an outdoor table and chairs and a bed for Lily, which has drawers underneath. They are both really nice quality and much sturdier than your average IKEA furniture. We re-arranged the kids room to make a bit more space. Its still a tiny room but it now has a nice feel to it. Here are some photos of the new furniture and a few shots of the apartment looking lived in (very lived in!).

Lily's new bed (with the hearts)

Lily's bed on the left, Jasper's on the right

New outdoor furniture

Looking from the kitchen to dining and lounge area

Looking toward the fireplace and front door

Looking from the dining area into the kitchen and out to the balcony


Jennie said...

I love Cocktail Scandinave! It's much better quality than IKEA. We got our kitchen table there for only 69 euros, and I love it.

Cute apartment! And cute kids, as always. :)

Rosebank Magic said...

I'm pleased to see how it all looks with your furniture in place - comfortable and much more homey than rue de Bonlieu. Maybe thats the kid's stuff all around but I think more likely the general atmosphere and the sunlight.

steph said...

j'aime beaucoup cette boutique aussi!!

screamish said...

how wierd. just got a brochure thru mail yesterday, had never heard of them. house looks fab by the way...