Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Worth the wait

In the two years that we've been here I hadn't dared try any of the asian restaurants. It wasn't just the thought of spicy flavours dumbed down for the french palette but also the fact that all the restaurants here seem to be a mix of many asian cuisines. In Australia, we are so spoiled for choice with asian foods that apart from combining chinese and vietnamese cuisine, most asian restaurants specialize in one cuisine. I just couldn't quite fathom a restaurant that served chinese, vietnamese AND thai cuisine.

But I overcame all that tonight when we tried the local asian place and were amazingly pleasantly surprised. David's roast duck with egg noodle soup was just about indistinguishable from that served at "The Vietnamese" in Brunswick St Brisbane! To think we've been missing out on this for the last two years (not to mention the restaurant is practically outside our front door!). Next up, we'll try going there for lunch and order all the dishes a la vapeur so I can pretend I'm having yum cha. Now if I could just get them to bring them around on a trolley...

a la vapeur - steamed


Rochelle said...

I think Indian food in France is pretty good but so far I've been really disappointed with the Chinese restaurants, perhaps with the exception of one or two we've been to. A lot of French people tell me they don't like Chinese food actually.

Penny said...

Rochelle, that's why I put it off so long. But I was so surprised last night that I cant wait to go back. I cook a bit of chinese and thai food but there's nothing like the real thing!