Saturday, 27 June 2009

I've still got it!

Its been a while since I've made a really big faux pas when speaking (or at least one I was aware of). But I realized last night that I made a beauty yesterday. It didn't click at the time, I only realized when I was going off to sleep last night.

I've been helping a new buddy who is looking for an apartment here. We had a look at one yesterday and I was asking the current tenant some questions. I noticed she had a really nice chandelier, and knowing that in France as a tenant, you are lucky if you get two bits of wire sticking out of the ceiling, let alone a nice light fitting, I thought I'd check it didn't come with the apartment.

So what I said was, "Cette à vous, cette jolie louche?". She must have worked out quickly what I meant as she didn't even blink, when what I asked her was "Is this yours, this pretty ladle?" Yes, instead of saying lustre which means chandelier I'd called her rather glam light fitting a ladle. To make matters worse, when I recounted my embarrassing tale to David, he pointed out that louche can also be used as an adjective that means "shady" or "seedy" - great!

You cant say I don't know how to make a good impression on people!


Andromeda said...

Nice one! I still sometimes call people "yellow" instead of "young" but hopefully it just adds to my foreign charm?

Penny said...

I'm sure it does Andromeda! :)

Jo said...

Oh my LOL. You are a riot. I still commend you for moving to France at all. I studied the language for YEARS and can now only understand it via reading; listening to it - eyahhh! It's a hard one. You are doing so well :).