Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Harvest time!

We picked our first few tomatoes yesterday. The kids had been waiting for days for three little cherry tomatoes to ripen. Finally, Lily brought out a bunch of shop bought tomatoes to compare the colour and declared ours ripe enough to eat. They were gone before I even had time to run for the camera! Our two tomato bushes are doing ok and are now nicely staked with some reeds David picked from the lake. They still have about 20 tomatoes in various stages of growth.

The rest of the vegie garden hasn't done so well. We ate a lot of our little lettuce leaves then Puddy decided to use that trough as a litter tray so that was the end of that. The carrot seedlings (of which there were over 100 - thanks kids) never really recovered from my enthusiastic thinning out and Puddy quickly discovered that trough too. Both of these are currently covered in aluminium foil to keep her out while I decide what to do next. We also have two little strawberry plants which might produce one strawberry if we are lucky. I managed to kill a miniature rose bush in the space of two weeks - not bad! I don't exactly have le main vert as the french say!

Still, my geraniums add a lovely splash of colour to our balcony and have been flowering consistently well. They did take a bit of a beating in a storm we got the other afternoon but seem to be holding up ok. Oh, and my parsley is back on track after a bit of rough patch so all up its pretty good.


screamish said...

aagh!! the cats love tomato pots..I have the same problem. several plants have died a sorry death in this way lately. nice tomatoes....the marekt is just starting to have the nice ancienne varieties....yellow stripy ones and green...dont look like you could eat them but they taste amazing.

nice to see you're making the most of your gorgeous balcony

Rosebank Magic said...

The tomatoes look great, I hope you and Dav got to taste one or did the kids devour them all?

Jamie Sandford said...

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Piero P said...

Great effort Penny & David, against all odds: Puddy, the storm, over enthusistic kids and gardner ... I still don't understand how aluminium foil is compatible with photosynthesis. But French tomatos may be different ...
Nonno Piero

Penny said...

I dont think it is Piero but neither is cat wee!