Thursday, 18 June 2009

Happy Birthday Lily

Lily celebrated her sixth birthday yesterday with six little girlfriends from school. Ah, girls are so easy! It was a much more relaxing day than last year's birthday. We played at home (dolls, beading, chasse aux trésors) and then went out to the park to play some games. I even taught them how to do three-legged races. I was happy with the cake, even though I lost creative control at the end when David took over! All up, it was a really nice relaxing party.


Guera said...

Happy Birthday Lily! Sounds like she had a great day and the cake looks fab. Another WW special??

Emily said...

The cake looks great!

Glad she had a nice b-day. :)

writerjo said...

Six! (Incredible or should that be 'incoyable'?)

Happy birthday Lily.

And will she have seven friends on her seventh and so on?

Penny said...

Guera - not really! The WW one is much much bigger :-)

Thanks Emily :)

Jo - it was a fluke - I've never been one of those "one kid for each year" mums. Last year we had about 15, this year we invited 7 and one couldn't make it. BTW I will have a look at Reading Eggs, someone else recommended it too. She is back to digging her heels in again. How do you manage to teach your own kids - I find it very hard! :)

writerjo said...

I think the key to teaching my own kids is that I'm never not Mum. It is hard going though, to remember this.

Never let the teaching get in the way of the relationship is the key message.