Friday, 15 May 2009

Une dent qui bouge!

A very excited Lily came running out of her class yesterday to tell me she has a wobbly tooth! How can it be that those teeth can be ready to start falling out when it seems like only yesterday she got her first one? Anyway, we are well prepared here. She already knows that the tooth fairy lives up in the castle we can see from our balcony and she's also expecting a visit from the mouse who takes care of french kids teeth! Last night she wrote a letter for the tooth fairy, on the back of a special fairy envelope. It says "Dear Fairy, I am waiting for you. From Lily." And she's doing her best to make it fall out as soon as possible.


Justine said...

Be careful Lily. Gussy swallowed his first tooth last week! And he has a second loose one that has been loose for MONTHS! Penny - beware for a long wait.


The Telfers at Warragal Park said...

Oh how I wish Odette was learning to write in French like that!