Saturday, 16 May 2009

Open day at the Conservatorium

Lily will be doing the parcours découverte next year at the Conservatorium. So we received a letter telling us we had to go to the Open Day today so she could try some instruments. From those she tried, she is to choose six, which she will do for three weeks each next year, along with three weeks of choir and dance and the formation class she is doing this year.

So armed with our list of boxes to be checked and signed, we set off down the road. It was crazy there, with heaps of kids and stressed looking parents wandering through the hallways, looking for instruments to try. The first instrument Lily tried was the double bass. Who knew they made smaller sizes? She got to hold it, pluck the strings, play it with a bow and try to follow a simple rhythm while the teacher did the finger bit at the top. I thought she did really well (though I do have a slight tendency to bias!). She also tried the flute (produced a nice loud sound first go), violin and cello before it all got a bit too much. Despite my prodding, she wouldn't try the saxophone and she had absolutely no interest in the trumpet, trombone or french horn. I suspect she might be a strings sort of girl (although I do hope I can convince her to enrol in viola instead of violin - it has a much nicer sound, even though we were listening to an untrained 7 year old playing it. It was much less screechy than the violin).

She promptly came home and drew a picture of a double bass which is her favourite (maybe as it was the first thing she tried or perhaps as the teacher was super friendly). I'd like to see her try the cello as well - its a lovely instrument and for some reason she just looked right playing it. We'll see. In the meantime, she'll enrol for piano (which comes in a workshop with harpsichord and organ) and perhaps percussion. Despite the stress, it was a fun afternoon and really interesting. I wish they had a parcours découverte for 42 year olds!


Andromeda said...

Though I'm a flutist, I always kind of wanted to play strings. They just seem cooler somehow. And a girl double bass-player would be even cooler! I also think the theory and everything is easier to learn on strings, since you can see how a shorter and longer string changes the sound. This sounds like such a cool way for kids to discover music!

Penny said...

Somehow I thought you were a cellist Andromeda. I think it would be very cool if Lily played the double bass - but I am *trying* not to live out my unfilled musical dreams through her!

Rosebank Magic said...

I've always wanted to learn to play the cello - although I never seem to get any further than the wanting! Maybe I should check it out in Lismore at the Northern Rivers Conservatorium.
It sounds like a really interesting day and a wonderful facility.