Friday, 8 May 2009

I'm back!

Thanks France Telecom - that month without internet was just what I needed! Can you hear the sarcasm? At least it was an interesting experience. The first week was a bit of a break and a novelty. The second, I was angry and climbing the walls. By the third, I was feeling totally disconnected from the world and by the fourth, I was settled into a weird state of acceptance. Sort of like an internet-related accelerated version of the 5 stages of grief.

Anyway, I have used my time offline wisely and have been reading heaps of library books and generally enjoying our new home. It is truly everything I wanted almost two years ago when we moved here and I still wake up wondering how we managed to find such a great place. The kids love it, especially the huge balcony and the fact they can make a lot more noise, although Lily is having some problems sleeping with the noise at nights. We've adapted well to taking baths instead of showers (even on school mornings I seem to have time for a nice relaxing soak). My new coffee machine, George, courtesy of my friends here, has been working overtime as we try lots of different brands of coffee. So far my favourite has been a red pack of Segafredo which amazingly was on special for 1,75€. At the moment we've got an expensive tin of Illy, which is nice but over-priced IMO. The Segafredo is proving hard to find at the moment but I will be sure to stock up when I head off to Milan ON MY OWN for a night in June!


screamish said...

congratulations! I was wondering how things were going but I cant believe its been a month. Why do you have more noise where you are, I suppose its in the centre of town or near a road?


Penny said...

Screamish - its noisy as we are right on a road in the centre of town and we get a lot of noise of people leaving restaurants and bars etc. But we're getting used to it again as we lived in a very noisy spot back in Brisbane :)