Friday, 29 May 2009


Lily is going to be a happy camper when she gets home from school today. I just received the six Boost maths and english books that I ordered from Sydney. It was my grandmother who introduced me to this series, sending us a couple of their maths books a few months ago. Lily really enjoyed them (and we haven't even tried the free CD that comes with them yet!). So I thought they would be a good way to keep her interest going in english and reading.

They don't learn to read here in France until CP, which Lily starts next year. Since turning 5 she has been interested in learning to read, so we started with english at her own pace. We started off with a few activity books and then were lent some Oxford Reading Tree readers which she really liked. She's finished the first three levels so I'm trawling ebay for some more and in the meantime she has the Boost english series for ages 4-6 and 6-7 to complete as she is ready. Its hard finding the right balance as I don't want to push her but I am also conscious that its up to us to ensure she learns to read, write and spell correctly in english. I have no idea how she compares to aussie kids of her age, but at almost 6, she can read "Put me in the zoo" and "Hop on Pop" by Doctor Seuss so I figure she's not doing too badly and we have all summer to work on it...and now with some fun new books.


Rosebank Magic said...

I'll print this off to send to Gran, She will be delighted to see what she has started.
Glittery textas on there way soon.

writerjo said...

Pen, have a look at Reading Eggs on the net. Starfall is also good. Reading Eggs chews up bandwidth like you would not believe, but I think it is excellent. The early stuff would be too easy perhaps, but it is the best reading program I have seen.