Sunday, 10 May 2009

Birthday Bonanza!

With April comes the start of the Giorgi birthday season. First up was Jasper. This year, we decided to have a day away on his actual birthday so we got up very early and took the train to Lyon to go to the zoo at the Parc de Tête d'Or. There is so much to see in Lyon - we definitely need to spend some time there. We came home late for a birthday dinner of his choice (sausages) and his first cake. We then celebrated again with friends a few days later at his "Cars" party with a second cake.

Next was my birthday. All I wanted was a new hair cut for summer, so I treated myself to an expensive cut at Dessange Paris. I had been wandering past for ages, admiring their gleaming white interior. Now I know just where to go when I want a AUD$120 haircut. Though, given the frequency of my haircuts, its worth paying for. As we've been eating out a lot lately, I asked David to cook me a meal (a rarity!). He made a delicious tagliatelle with fresh prawns and scallops from the fish shop in our street.

David decided to celebrate his birthday a day early as it fell on a school day this year. We hired an outboard motor boat and took a cruise on the lake. We stopped and floated for a while to eat some sandwiches. There was hardly anyone out and it was really peaceful.

So that about brings us up to date. Here are all the photos and a bit of video of Jasper diligently blowing out his candles.

New bike!

Opening presents on the train


Lunch at a real Bouchon

Delicious baked apples with cinnamon

Vieux Lyon

On the funicular railway going up to the Basilique

Basilique Notre Dame de Fourvière

Giraffes at the Parc de Tête d'Or



Birthday cake number 1

Birthday cake number 2

At his party

Dav cooking (gasp!)

Dav's birthday lunch of curry, on the balcony


Rosebank Magic said...

Thank you for all of those, I loved all of them. But although the family shots are so special the piece de resistance has to be the giraffes. At a quick glance it is an extraordinary composition.

Justin said...

Happy Birthday to everyone!

PS. I am absolutely in love with your new balcony. I hope you are enjoying the new apartment.

Penny said...

Mum - I know, its a cool photo - David took that one. We call it the "three-headed giraffe". When I get a sunny day, I'll take some video of the apartment and send you a link. :-)

Thanks Justin! We are really happy with the new place. Its only 5 minutes from the old one but is so different! :-)

steph said...

penny c'était quand ton anniversaire?????? tu nous a caché ça!!!!!!
merci pour les photos de lyon, que de bons souvenirs :)gros bisous

Anne in Oxfordshire said...

Thank you for sharing your birthday celebrations with us! You all had a fabulous time..Love the "cars cake"..oh and a ride in motorboat too! And you were treated to your husband cooking !! :-) Brilliant.

Penny said...

Thanks Anne :)

Stéphanie, je n'ai pas fait exprès! Mais c'était juste après celui de Jasper :)

Emily said...

Happy belated birthday!edl