Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Bye bye Bonlieu!

I feel a little nervous tonight as I sit here with everything packed up around me. I know we're making the right move, but change is a scary thing! Then again, if I can cope with moving halfway across the world I should be able to cope with moving 5 minutes away. Although we've never felt quite right in this apartment, it will always be our first home in France so I'll always think fondly of it for that reason. But for now, its goodbye to Réné (our neighbour), good bye to my gas stovetop, goodbye to a shower and most of all goodbye to this duck-egg blue wallpaper.

Any bets on how long it will take us to get the internet connected in the new place?


Jennie said...

Change is scary, but good! I'm sure your new neighbors won't be as grumpy, and you'll still be very close to everything in Annecy. I hope it only takes a few days for the internet to start working at the new place. When we moved it was only 7 days, which is super fast here!

Justin said...

Good luck with the move and I hope it doesn't take too long to get you reconnected!

Anonymous said...

Good luck with everything, enjoy your new home. Happy birthday to Jasper in a few days. Happy easter to you all. At least Easter Rabbits in europe are healthy. Hugs MIMI and Michael

screamish said...

internet..if its neuf telecom, I would say, Oh, probably around 28 years.

dont be gone too long!!

any crazed housewarming parties planned?

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Penny!
Hope you had some yummy cake!
Love Mimi and milclul (as per easter card)