Monday, 30 March 2009


Let's not talk about blame or who is at fault. I won't even state the obvious like this would *never* happen in Australia. I am simply amazed that when we finally have all our documents in order, the agency does not have a single appointment available for the next two days to do the état de lieu before Wednesday so we have to reschedule our move. I will say this - it is lucky I have never bothered to learn some choice swear words in french or I would have been using them at the real estate agent today, which would not have achieved anything anyway. That is all. I am off to drown my disappointment with hot chocolate and black forest cake and wait to hear when the removalists can fit us in next week.


screamish said...

oh for GODS SAKE!!!!!!

amazes me sometimes that this country even functions. but in Australia stuff like that happens too...we just forget I what happens next???

Rosebank Magic said...

What is the etat de lieu?

Milie said...

Real state agencies suck...sorry Penny for the word (yeah I can swear in english!). And I agree with screamish, they s... in Australia too!
"Hauts les coeurs" Penny (courage) ;-0

Rochelle said...

Oh that sucks, I'm sorry :(

The Telfers at Warragal Park said...

hmmm. (maintaining calmness)

How frustrating for you. When you've got your hopes up and you're all excited and then it gets dashed like that, well I think I'd be heading for a bout of depression.

Hope you can hang in there and that when the move does finally happen that it all goes smoothly for you.

Penny said...

Screamish - I think we do forget! And I try not to be the sort of expat who whinges how things are better "back home" but this lot have really tried my patience!

Mum - its where you check through for damage with the agent or the agent's agent. BTW I dont think you've been getting my emails

Thanks Milie, Rochelle and Caroline :-)