Monday, 30 March 2009


Let's not talk about blame or who is at fault. I won't even state the obvious like this would *never* happen in Australia. I am simply amazed that when we finally have all our documents in order, the agency does not have a single appointment available for the next two days to do the état de lieu before Wednesday so we have to reschedule our move. I will say this - it is lucky I have never bothered to learn some choice swear words in french or I would have been using them at the real estate agent today, which would not have achieved anything anyway. That is all. I am off to drown my disappointment with hot chocolate and black forest cake and wait to hear when the removalists can fit us in next week.

Friday, 27 March 2009

Le facteur n'est pas passé

On avait attendu le facteur depuis plusiers jours ici. Il n'a pas passé au banque pour leur donner le papier qui manque. Alors, je ne sais pas si on va déménager mercredi ou non.

Mais, il a passé chez nous et m'a donné un machine à café espresso grace à mes amis ici. Merci beaucoup Françoise, Sandrine et Stéphanie!! Vous êtes trop gentilles! J'attends avec impatience notre premier café au terrasse.

Wednesday, 25 March 2009


Our caution bancaire has finally been approved. How kind of the bank to finally agree to keep all our savings tied up, without giving us much interest (if any), and all while charging an exorbitant fee for the pleasure! In any event, we hope to move next week but we may be cutting it fine as we still can't sign the lease until some magical document comes from the bank in Lyon. In the meantime, I am living in that in-between phase surrounded by boxes and lacking any desire to clean this apartment when I know I'll be moving in a week anyway.

Sunday, 22 March 2009

Almost three!

I thought I would give a little update in Jasper's speak as its taken a real leap lately. Its hard not to compare him to Lily as she was quite an early talker, although she only spoke english at his age, of course. His english is now getting really good - in fact, he doesn't shut up! But its his french that has noticeably improved in the last month or so. Until now, he's said a few words in french but never really joined them together much before our recent holiday. Now all of a sudden he can put together whole sentences. The other day he said "cette croissant, c'est pour moi". I was really amazed as he has learned french in a different manner to which he learned english. With english like most kids, he started out with single words then joined two and then three together and so on. With french, it seems he's been taking it all in while saying little and now can just come out with complete sentences. While he's not yet at the level of your average french three-year-old, he's certainly on his way. Its very interesting (if you're his mother!). And it makes me all the more confident in his ability to express himself and stand up for himself when he starts school at the rentrée.

Saturday, 21 March 2009


I've started packing up today. We still haven't signed the lease but at least it takes my mind off how useless our bank is. If all goes well, we should be moving the first week of April. The removalist's quotes have come in quite reasonably and one of the charities is coming around next week to pick up some things we no longer need. I find this intervening time between finding a new place and actually moving very slow, even more so when people don't do their jobs properly and slow everything down even more. But we'll get there and it will be worth the wait...

Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Never leave scissors in reach of...

a father! You might just end up with the shortest fringe imaginable.

From this...

To this...

Apartment update

Things move slowly here. There is truly no sense of urgency by any of the parties involved to get us into the new apartment. If I hear "end of the month" one more time, I'll scream! We should be signing a lease soon, then the bank will start the new caution bancaire. At least when we sign the lease, we should get a date to move in. In the meantime, I have been calling removalists to come around and give us quotes. Its been quite good practice for my french as I tend to shy away from speaking on the phone and palm phone calls off onto David as often as possible. Next up, I have to call some charities to give away some of our old baby things and Lily's bed which is just too big for her new room! And we have a potential tenant coming around to view our old apartment today - hope they like it - it would save us a LOT of money.

Venetian Carneval

I didn't really get to enjoy the Carneval this year as I was sick with gastro but here are some great photos that David took when he went out with the kids