Thursday, 19 February 2009

Just like his mum!

We are coming to the end of two fabulous weeks at La Clusaz. Photos will follow when I have a faster internet connection. But in the meantime, I had to record Jasper's first french sentence. I've noticed, over the last couple of weeks, he's been speaking more and more french and repeating many phrases and sentences that Lily says (let's face it, like most french pre-schoolers, he mastered caca boudin a long time ago).

But today he put together his first sentence that was only in french rather than a mix of french and english. We'd just eaten the best hamburgers in La Clusaz and he said "moi aime la frîtes, moi". Which, allowing for grammatical errors, means "I like chips." At this rate, at least he should be able to communicate the basics to his teacher when he starts school in September.


screamish said...

so lovely!! It sounds like MY first French sentence, come to think of it! Maybe it was more like "moi aime plus vin, please"

Penny said...

He he :)