Thursday, 1 January 2009

Happy New Year 2009!

We had a rather quiet New Year's Eve, watching the fireworks from our living room then having raclette. I went out early this morning to get some viennoiseries for a treat for breakfast. While I was out I picked up a copy of the local paper, thinking I would be able to see the pictures of the fireworks we saw last night.

But once I got it home, I was surprised when I opened it up and saw this instead!

Really, are we in Annecy or Sydney?

Happy New Year everyone!


The FrogBlogger said...

Would have thought Annecy could come up with some nice pyrotechnics, but I'm not surprised. Most people do the big meal thing on NYE.

Had thought of letting of a few rockets myself, but discovered that the sale of fireworks to the public was banned a few years back.

Wandered around our local town in the south at midnight, had to check my watch to make sure I'd got the right date, there was absolutely no one on the streets. Perfect weather too.

Happy New Year!

writerjo said...

Happy New Year Penny!

Here it is hot! Still 40 degrees at 9 pm.

Going to be a very interesting 2009 for us here I think. Hope your year goes smoothly.

love Jo