Friday, 30 January 2009

Chicken! Il n'y a plus de Chic-KEN!!

Its been a long time since my last post about the Quick Burger. Despite it being our only fast food restaurant close by, we go there very rarely. Probably because its so damn expensive. With David and Lily on a school snow trip today, I treated Jasper and myself to a "Menu Giant" which was one burger, small fries, small bottle of water and a sundae for €9.15 (about AUS19!). I was pretty disappointed in my burger - not that it didn't taste good. It was yummy. But man, it was small. That's the sensible french portion sizes for you! It had two patties and cheese but once I shared a third of it with Jasper I was feeling pretty ripped off. Still, I found out from the food panels on the sides of the packaging that lunch was making up well over 50% of my daily fat intake, so I realized that's probably not a bad thing.

Given that last time I ordered from the Quick Burrrr-gerrrr (never easy for me to say!), I was a little lost, I prepared myself this time. I know how it goes there with their use of english words (like chicken, hot dog and giant) all pronounced in a french way. But I still got the look when I asked for my "menu giant". I'd pronounced it with a soft "g" thinking that would be right. But no, David tells me I probably should have said the "g" like in english and the "i" like in french. Ah, I cant win! I'm slowly getting the hang of this from friends who effortlessly pepper their speech and emails with english words like cool, speed and nickel. I can even say some of these without feeling like a right idiot. But when it comes to ordering a burger, I just cant get it right!

By the way, this title of the post comes from David's hilarious impression of a Quick Burger staffer who has run out of chicken burgers! You have to see it to really get it, but believe me, its funny!

cool - calm, laid-back
speed - stressed
nickel - perfect

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