Wednesday, 30 July 2008


Dear Blog

I know you're annoyed with the fact you've been neglected. But lets face it, I'm more annoyed than you. I'm hot, tired and have been basically doing this parenting thing alone for days or is it weeks while David slogs away day and night. I will have more time for you soon. I hope...

Friday, 25 July 2008

An ordinary morning

A trip to a coffee shop for a great cup of coffee and a chat with two female friends. All our kids playing nearby under the trees while we drink and talk and laugh. Then off to the playground afterwards to wear the kids out before going home for lunch. Just the sort of morning I used to have back in Brisbane and one that I am thrilled to have had here today...

Tuesday, 22 July 2008

More aussies in Annecy

We've been sticking close to home this week as I've started toilet training Jasper. But we popped out to join the Telfer's for a picnic lunch today. Farmers from Darkan, WA, they are in France for a one year house exchange and made a day trip to Annecy. It was fun for the kids to meet up and great for me to have a nice casual chat with some other aussies. Lovely to meet you all!

And as for the toilet training, I don't want to jinx myself but let's just say so far its been a lot easier than it was with his big sister!

Saturday, 19 July 2008

You know you're in trouble when...

you have to start adding new blog categories. And so it is with me and french lingerie. I can see a real addiction developing. At Steph's half-year sale last night, not only did I pick up 2 lovely new ensembles at half price but I was the lucky winner of a diamanté studded suspender belt! Its funny to think I was so nervous about going to her first sale. Now I look forward to her soirées lingerie as a bit of time off and a chance to chat with some interesting women. And as always we finish off with a kir and some very yummy nibblies. Merci Stéph pour une soirée très sympa! J'attends avec impatience la prochaine...

Wednesday, 16 July 2008

All alone

We've had wonderful start to the summer but are now all alone again having said goodbye to all our guests. Mimi and Michael left yesterday but were luckily here for 14 Juillet (what we call Bastille Day). We ate a yummy raclette meal at home and then sat on the balcony to watch the amazing fireworks display.

Yesterday we tried a pedal'eau for the first time. Under the watchful eye of Captain Lisa we had a great afternoon. It was good to have a sailor on board! Lisa left us today to head back for her next charter in the Caribbean, but not before Jasper had his first go on the horsies (even if he cant actually reach the pedals yet!).

pedal'eau - pedal boat

Sunday, 13 July 2008

Fun with Lisa

Despite the bad weather we've been out and about with Lisa who is here from the Caribbean to visit for a few days. After seeing some of the sights yesterday, we went up to the Semnoz today for the Fête des Fromage de Savoie. It must be a wonderful thing to do on a beautiful sunny day, but in the cold and wet, it was a bit of an experience. At least the kids had fun on the ponies. Check out the video below...

New Order saves the day

Jasper and I have made a lot of progress towards weaning. He now only has two feeds a day - one after 6am in the morning and one after his bath at night. He goes off to sleep okay at night much of the time and he only wakes up a couple of times before 6am - strange as it sounds this is actually progress.

But every now and then, he forgets he's been fed at 6am and gets really pissed off when he doesn't get another feed after it. Like when he woke up at 730am today and screamed like a banshee for 45 minutes, while I tried all my tricks to calm him down and distract him - the sweetest drinkable yoghurt on the planet, a bowl of his favourite cereal (dry oats with sugar), classical music, talking to Lily, going out in the cold on the balcony and finally screaming back at him. But nothing worked until we had a look at My favourite trip back to my youth these days is New Order. So we had a look at this great clip and he calmed right down. So here is New Order live at the BBC on a hot summer's day in 1984 (check out Bernard's shorts if you dont believe me!). Oh you've got green eyes, oh you've got blue eyes, oh you've got grey eyes....

Thursday, 10 July 2008

Too busy to blog

I think this blog will be a bit quite for a while but here are a few photos while I try and find the time to write something meaningful...

Pizza with Mimi and Michael

Eating the best ice-creams in Annecy

Introducing Mimi to the delights of chocolat at Les Roseaux du Lac (someone's personality came shining through!)

Playing in the new splash pool on the balcony

Friday, 4 July 2008

Bonne vacances!

We got the summer holidays off to a good start today with some spring cleaning, grocery shopping and list writing. I now feel all ready for two months of quality time with my kids. It was sad to say goodbye to Lily's teacher after such a wonderful year of school. I can only hope that Jasper gets her as his teacher in the future. It seems amazing that the school year is over already. It seems to have gone so fast and yet Lily has changed a lot in that year.

So, for us the summer means a lot of time at the lake and the pool, combined with some bike-riding and roller-blading for Lily. We're enjoying having Marisa and Michael with us for a while and are waiting for Lisa's arrival next week.

But perhaps the best news of all, our neighbours downstairs have gone away for two weeks (shame its not two months) and I am letting the kids have some freedom indoors without worrying about the noise. Its been a noisy yet strangely relaxing day today and it makes me realize how much of the time I spend telling the kids off is related to avoiding complaints from him. So we will enjoy the peace while it lasts and I will continue to dream of the impossible apartment - a large one on the ground floor with a little garden or courtyard but still with a view or outlook, all for a reasonable price and preferably with an abundance of charm and high ceilings! Fat chance!