Sunday, 14 December 2008

A very Christmassy weekend

We braved the cold on Saturday morning to go to gymnastique. Expecting to see Père Noël, we were surprised to see a great parcours set up for all the kids. Lily and Jasper had a fantastic time but soon stopped when the man himself arrived with his basket of papillotes! After that we headed to the Saturday markets to buy our sapin. The rest of the afternoon was devoted to the decorations.

On Sunday we went to the Christmas markets at the Palais Impèrial which were terrific. There were Quebecois markets outside, with reindeer. And the kids each got a maple syrup lolly pop for good behaviour. Inside the hotel, they had really nice Christmas markets and a terrific toy train set up in the middle.

But to top it all, we stopped on the Paquier on the way home for a pony ride.

And later on, down at the cinéma, during Burn After Reading, that person sitting all alone in the third row from the front, who ate salt and vinegar chips all the way through the movie - well, that was me - and I enjoyed every minute of it!

papillotes - Christmas lollies wrapped in curly paper

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Emily said...

Looks like a great time was had by all. Cute photos.