Sunday, 7 December 2008

A sunny Sunday in Annecy

After lots of rain this week, we woke up to a beautiful day today. Leaving a pot of soup on the stove and David in bed, sleeping off the flu, the kids and I headed out for the morning. First stop was one of the two new merry-go-rounds in town for the Christmas festivities. The second is so very special, it deserves its own post soon. But this one caught Jasper's eye last week and he has been waiting for a while to "wump manège".

After a quick ride on the manège, we headed up to the ice-rink which is set up opposite the Courier shopping centre for a month. This year, thanks to all her rollerblading, Lily was quite confident going off on her own. Which meant I was able to put a little pair of strap-on patinettes on Jasper and hold his hand as we went around. After a while we borrowed someone's chair and Lily pushed him on that for a bit which left me free to have a little skate on my own. It was a heap of fun!

"wump manège" - manège is obviously merry-go-round. Wump took us a while to work out but generally is used for climb or get on so we think he's saying "monte".


Rosebank Magic said...

They're lovely photos of you and the kids, looks like lots of fun, but remind me where you go skating. I don't remember a shopping centre of that name.

Penny said...

The Courier is the big shopping centre at the end of Rue Carnot. What I call the Big Monoprix... The ice rink is set up in the open square opposite


The Telfers In France said...

That ice skating looks like fun. I've never tried it, but I always imagine swirling around on the ice would be great.