Friday, 21 November 2008

La fête des caïon

I'm only a week late with this post but I really am going to make an effort to keep up with this blog again. It seems a shame to neglect it when I look back and see what a good record it makes for the kids.

So, here are some photos from the pig festival we went to last weekend. It was held in rue Filaterie, one of my favourite streets and one where traditionally there were many butchers. We bought some boudin blanc, a traditional white sausage containing pork and poultry. I thought it might be nicer than boudin, which is a type of blood sausage. But I'm sorry to say the texture, which was so fine as to feel silky, was really off-putting. In fact, I think Jasper was the only one who really liked it. Tough luck buddy, because I wont be cooking it again!

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Justin said...

How much fun! I want to go to a pig festival!