Thursday, 20 November 2008

Hooray for Jasper!

Jasper has been busy the last few weeks - busy growing up, that is. In this short space of time he has:

1 Weaned! It was so gradual, that I was only a little sad to say goodbye to five years of breastfeeding. But I'm thrilled that he did it at his own pace and without any tears. (BTW, the five years - I'm talking about him and Lily here. Just in case, anyone thinks he's 5, he's not!)

2 Learned to wee standing up! He was getting a little lax with the potty so I figured if he can stand up and wee anywhere in the house (to avoid having to stop playing and actually go to the toilet), then it was time for him to learn to stand in front of the potty!

3 Decided naps are for wusses! Why nap every day, when once a week will suffice? I cant say I agree with him on this one but at least he goes to bed before 10pm now.

4 Talked and talked and talked! He's had another big leap in his speech, which is now a wonderful mix of french and english. He's also come out of his shell a bit at gym and playgroup.

And, most importantly

5 Graduated! At his check up today at the orthopedic specialist, we found out his hips are well positioned and growing well, so there is no more need for yearly checks. That's it! All the drama of hip dysplasia that began 2 years ago now, is finally over.

Well done, little man!


Rupal said...

That is so wonderful, Penny. I think sometimes everything just happens all at once with them and all the months of stress disappear. (Things for Asha fell into place w/ the potty, sucking her thumb and Asha all at once as well.) Although I suppose as moms we will always have something new to stress out over :-)

Guera said...

Sounds like he's growing up so fast!

Great news about his hips (such a releif when you get that final all clear isn't it?).

And the kiddy franglais sounds very cute. :)

Anonymous said...

Nice work on the self weaning and peeing standing up Jasper...big milestones!! Can't believe how quickly he's grown, i'm considering putting bricks on Sahara's head, she grows out of everything so bloody quickly!!

We'll have to try for a chat soon


FrogBlogger said...

Ah, the multilingual thing - pays in the end, but sometimes I wonder about a lack of a real 'sense of belonging' for expat children. With three Anglo-French kids and one Anglo Thai to be brought up between France and Thailand, I still haven't worked out the perfect formula!

The Telfers In France said...

WOW. What great progress. Often these things happen so gradually that we don't really pay attention to them. But it sounds like he has grown up all of a sudden.

La casa nella prateria said...

Congratulations! He's a big boy now!