Sunday, 9 November 2008

Concert at the CRR

On Friday, I went with Lily's class to a concert at the Conservatorium. It was the first time I've been somewhere with her this school year and I noticed they treat the grandes a bit different to the moyennes. Unlike last year, there were no nametags in case they got lost and the parents just generally helped to keep them on the sidewalk, instead of being responsible for a little group of specific kids.

The concert was excellent. There was a group of three men playing original compositions. No dumbing down for the kids! There was a piano, guitar and a vibraphone. The kids were, for the most part, very well behaved and sat and listened well. They swayed along with the music and some got really excited, tapping away with their hands during the vibraphone solos. But the funniest bit was during a tango piece. During the guitar solo, a couple of the little boys were playing along. It was so cute to see the tendency to air guitar coming out so early!

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Anonymous said...

The concert sounds lovely. Talking about 80's rock. We were at a friend's house and he put on a Roxy vid(I'm still recovering). Here is some random data, Brian Ferry's dad was a rat catcher in a coal mine. So all the gentleman glam was a bit of a pose. Great Palin video clip. Congrats on the French lessons. You could also do swap sessions with a french mum who wants to learn english, Half hour french and half hour english.
I had a friend who did that with Hindi and ended up marrying the girl. Have you figured out what Lily's nightmares are about?
hugs Mimi