Wednesday, 17 September 2008

Tarte aux figues

Yesterday I tried my hand at my first tarte. And it turned out pretty tasty. But next time I must remember to peel the figs first!


Andromeda said...

Looks delicious! Is there a recipe somewhere that goes with it?

Rosebank Magic said...

That looks scrumptious - but I didn't know that you had to peel the figs first if you are cooking them. We all know that you don't eat raw fig skin or it gives you a sore tongue but that it also the case with some other fruit too. So what was wrong with the tart with the skin still on? All the cooks who read your site will be waiting for an explanation.
By the way, the ABC cooking show The Cook and the Chef, with Maggie Beer and Simon ?? will be featuring macadamia nuts next Wednesday night so we are all looking forward to hearing them say and show us wonderful things about our hard earned produce. Their programme has developed quite a cult following over the last year or so.

Zhu said...

I used to love figues when I was a kid, but I haven't had any in a while. I wonder if we have any in Canada come to think of it...

Penny said...

Andromeda - umm, no, I just sort of made it up with a bit of advice from a friend. I used pâte sablée but you could also use pâte brisée. My friend who gave me the figues suggested I sprinkle some sugar and flour on the base. Then I just cut up the figues and cooked it till the pastry was cooked!

Mum- Eating fig skin gives you a sore tongue - sounds a like an old wives tale to me! I've never heard that one, then again, I havent really eaten figs much before coming here :)

Zhu - the kids here seem to love them. Lily eats them for collation at school :)

Anonymous said...

That looks so yummy...makes me want to bake!

I'm with you that eating the skin is an old wives tale - i've always eaten the skin and it's never bothered me or my tongue!!