Thursday, 18 September 2008

How things change...

The other day, having dropped Lily off at her new music class, I thought I would treat Jasper and myself to a cooked breakfast. Of course, such a thing is a rarity here in France but there is a boulangerie in the vieille ville that we like to go to a lot, that does very good omelettes with ham and cheese. I've only had them a couple of times, and each time, I've remarked to David how large and filling they are.

This time, I was starving and eagerly awaited my omelette. But after about 4 mouthfuls, I realized I really cant eat this amount of food for breakfast anymore. In Australia, I would regularly have a huge cooked breakfast (probably once a week) of eggs, sausages, bacon, tomato, maybe hash-browns and toast. All washed down with copious amounts of tea without blinking an eye. Now, I think I've lost the taste for it and I'm content with my bowl of cereal followed by a coffee mid morning. And I'll rarely eat morning tea these days either.

When I thanked the lady at the boulangerie for the omelette, I explained it was a little much for me, and that despite having eaten a cooked breakfast often in Australia, I just couldn't do it anymore here. Ah, you're becoming french, she said! Well, maybe not quite, but the healthier eating habits here really have rubbed off on me.


Andromeda said...

I've become like that too!! It's so weird. Two pieces of toast and tea and somehow that lasts me till lunch. I don't totally get how that's "healthier" than a big breakfast, but it saves me tons on my grocery bill, lol!

Justine said...

So French women really don't get fat?!

But what about those 'Fat Boys' breakfasts Penny?

Zhu said...

Same here!

Anytime I go traveling outside Canada, I lose weight and can't even eat half of what I usually do. Portions are so huge in North America (same in OZ)... It's just not right.

Anonymous said...

OK that's it I'm coming to France as my next diet! It sounds far more appealing that no carbs or shakes to lose a few kilos!!


Penny said...

Andromeda, I wonder if its because we eat lunch earlier here (and maybe you do too being used to school hours). In Australia, we would eat lunch at about 1pm or even later so I would have a big breakfast and often have something mid-morning to keep me going till then. But here, if I don't have lunch on the table at 12 noon, Lily practically explodes (after a morning of school) so there's not such a long gap :)

Justine - I'm sure they do. But I have to say living in Annecy which is a very active sporty town, I have really noticed how few overweight and obese people there are compared to Australia. I'm sure when I go back to Australia or take a trip to the UK, I will really notice the difference :)

As for Fat Boys, well the $4 brekkie was always smaller than a big brekkie at say, Spoon, but dare I say it, maybe my tastebuds are changing! :)

Zhu - yep, the portions in Australia are huge! Embarrassing as it is to admit, the time I spent working as a Jenny Craig weight loss consultant (gasp!) did me a lot of good and helped me understand what a proper portion size should be!

Kate - well, I have to say I highly recommend it. But when we first arrived, after I recovered from the stress and gained back the couple of kilos I'd lost because of it, I put on a bit as I splurged on bread and pastries. Now as yummy as they are, I am a bit better about not eating chaussons aux pommes every day!