Sunday, 28 September 2008

Autumn is here... time to think about winter!

It has been a chilly start to autumn here in Annecy but today is just gorgeous. Later in the week its going to be cold and rainy, just in time for my parents to arrive! With all this cooler weather, thoughts turn to skiing, of course. And although the snow is long away yet, we've just booked our winter holidays.

Being creatures of habit, we are going back to La Clusaz. It may seem crazy when we have all the ski fields of Europe relatively close-by but we really enjoyed our luxurious week there last year. So we have decided to go back again for two weeks this time. To conserve funds, we'll be giving up the indulgent demi-pension we had last year and taking a little self-catered studio. I really don't mind. We will save heaps of money this way, and even though I'll have to cook most nights, it will be nice not to have to face dinner in the restaurant EVERY night with the kids. I will miss those three course meals though...but it will made up for by being able to have two full weeks in the snow (please let there be lots of snow!)


Justin said...

Wow your trip sounds great! I need to go skiing this year. I did not get to go last year and I am missing it soooo much.

Zhu said...

The good part of living in Canada is that we don't have to book winter holidays: winter comes straight to our door! :D

Anonymous said...

Yep OK i'm jealous - sounds fabulous! Especially after the 35deg day we've just had here!! Had to use the aircon for the first time!! But back to 24deg again tomorrow - crazy weather lately!


Penny said...

Justin - you should check out La Clusaz - its got a really nice atmosphere! And you can stop by Annecy on the way... :)

Zhu - I'm not so sure I'd want *that* much winter at my door! :)

Kate - 35 deg? Cant say I miss it! :)

The Telfers In France said...

We had our first taste of snow for the winter when we took my parents to Italy for the weekend, via Mont Blanc. It really was a surprise to see so much snow when I was still waiting for autumn to change the leaves here.