Tuesday, 19 August 2008

A new favourite author...

All summer I've seen ads for books by Guillaume Musso on the summer reading lists. He's a french author who lived in New York for a while and whose thrillers have been translated into 25 languages. I finally bought one yesterday, his latest - Parce que je t'aime. Its the sort of book that you just want to shut yourself away with until you can finish it (not likely to happen here!). But every chance I get, I'll read some. Its easier to read than some of the other books I've tried in french and I can't wait to get to the surprise ending - even the author warns his readers not to spoil it for others. Sounds exciting!


Le Tigre in France said...

I think that's so great that you read books in French, I think that's one area people sometimes really struggle with. I've bought a few books in French but so far it's been a huge battle trying to read them. Even the newspaper is difficult in fact! I'd really like to read Simone de Beauvoir in French, my sociology teacher insists that so much is lost in translation in the English versions.

Penny said...

Le Tigre - I find the papers difficult too - especially Le Monde. have you tried BD at all yet? They are heaps easier :)

Tata sola said...

Dear Penny

I felt compelled to write to you as I came across your blog when looking for information on Annecy & moving to Annecy…. It was been very interesting (& funny) to read your experience, but I also felt a bit like a nosey neighbour reading your posts! So I though I might feel better if I said hello.

My family & I moved to the Chamonix valley almost 2 years ago and it has been wonderful. We are now taking stock & giving some thought as to whether this is the place for us to be long term or not… one of our options would be Annecy. I wondered if it would be ok for me to ask you things about areas & schools etc?

Anyway, I hope that you are enjoying the lovely sunshine before the kids go back to school. My youngest starts this year & I do feel like I am counting down towards a huge milestone. I am not sure how I feel about the next stage!

Best wishes,


PS: I too really enjoyed Muso’s books & the fact that I could enjoy the story without getting stuck on the French!

Penny said...

Hi N

Thanks for stopping by. Feel free to send me an email at penny@liquidsky.net. I'm happy to help if I can...

Penny :)