Friday, 22 August 2008

The joys of eavesdropping!

Jasper and I were having a quick snack at a café today before we embarked on the weekly grocery shop. While drinking my coffee, I fired off a few texts to the antipodes. I often do this in the morning, as the time difference is easiest then. And while doing so, I realized that I was also listening in to the conversation of the man at the next table. He was the café owner and was on his mobile, ordering his supplies. Not very exciting stuff really, except that it made me realize how much more easily I can now understand what is going on around me, without specifically trying.

When we first arrived, I complained to David that I couldn't catch glimpses of other people's conversations in the street and how it made me feel a little isolated. He didn't get it. I guess, being male, he doesn't have that innate female ability to be talking to a friend and chastising a small child, all the while listening in on the woman at the next table complaining about her husband!

But I must have made some progress. Watch out Annecians, there's a nosy aussie lurking just around the next corner!


Justin said...

I have been enjoying the same thing recently. I also enjoy now that I can not being paying attention but still pick up on a conversation and chime in when asked a question. Before it was too easy to tune things out, and then I would suddenly be asked something and have to admit I was not listening... now I can listen, while still ignoring my colleagues' boring conversations! Today's lunch was over which ventilator was best for the kitchen... ugh! ;-)

HeatherC said...

Something for me to someday look forward too. I wanted to let you know that your blog has been helpful to me as my husband, 15 month old son and I are moving from the Seattle, WA to Nice in a month. Your blog has helped me know that there are people out there that will understand my fear and excitement over the move. I have never studied French and worry about the isolation. It is also fun to read about someone elses trials with toddlers and breastfeeding and things like that as I am experiencing many of the similiar things.

Penny said...

Hi Justin - sounds like you have been making lots of progress! :-)

Thanks for stopping by Heather. Good luck with the move. Let me know if you decide to open up your blog to the public - I'd be interested in reading about how you find Nice - we considered moving there :)