Friday, 4 July 2008

Bonne vacances!

We got the summer holidays off to a good start today with some spring cleaning, grocery shopping and list writing. I now feel all ready for two months of quality time with my kids. It was sad to say goodbye to Lily's teacher after such a wonderful year of school. I can only hope that Jasper gets her as his teacher in the future. It seems amazing that the school year is over already. It seems to have gone so fast and yet Lily has changed a lot in that year.

So, for us the summer means a lot of time at the lake and the pool, combined with some bike-riding and roller-blading for Lily. We're enjoying having Marisa and Michael with us for a while and are waiting for Lisa's arrival next week.

But perhaps the best news of all, our neighbours downstairs have gone away for two weeks (shame its not two months) and I am letting the kids have some freedom indoors without worrying about the noise. Its been a noisy yet strangely relaxing day today and it makes me realize how much of the time I spend telling the kids off is related to avoiding complaints from him. So we will enjoy the peace while it lasts and I will continue to dream of the impossible apartment - a large one on the ground floor with a little garden or courtyard but still with a view or outlook, all for a reasonable price and preferably with an abundance of charm and high ceilings! Fat chance!


Justin said...

Yeah play time! They can run and jump and scream, and you don't have to yell. That sounds like a vacation in itself. Enjoy the time with your entire family, without the neighbors!

misschris said...

Oh that does sound like a perfect apartment. If you really are hunting for an apartment just make sure if it is a rdz it isn't near the building's entrance or you'll be awakened at all hours as groups of neighbors come stumbling in from their nights out. People like to chit chat by the elevators on the ground floors and you will suffer if you're too near the entrance! We found our perfect ground floor apartment was ruined by this!

French for a While said...

Happy Summer. We're living in the Southwest for two months -- and you'll be pleased to know that we've rented our house from a lovely Aussi couple from Bisbane!

Leesa said...

Hey Penny!!!

Have a great time this summer!!! Take care, Leesa

Penny said...

Thanks Justin :)

Chris - we're not really looking but if something came up we'd consider it. I'll remember your advice though :)

FFAW -I wish I owned a nice house in the south of France! Have a great summer.

thanks Leesa - you too!