Monday, 16 June 2008

Happy 5th Birthday Lily

It was a different sort of birthday today for Lily, or perhaps just for me. I'm not used to sending her off to school on her birthday. But she took a cake to share with her classmates and we picked her up at lunch to take her out. Then after school we opened the rest of her presents. She did quite well on her rollers for a first go! Its a family tradition that the birthday person gets to choose their dinner on their birthday so I made sushi last night at her request. All up, it was a really lovely day. And she's five! How did that happen so fast?

Putting 100s and 1000s on the cake for school. The teacher told me they called it an igloo and cut it up in blocks like ice! (Yet more proof why some people are just made to be teachers and some arent. It never would have occurred to me!)

Opening presents before school

Off to the Vielle Ville for lunch

In Gran's new home knitted jumper - isnt it beautiful?

Lunch - mussels for Dav, entrecôte with pepper sauce for me and pizza for the kids

Clicking on the e-cards - we like to start a computer addiction early in this house!

Sushi girl

And just to reminisce a bit - back where it all began...

rollers - rollerblades - we found some that adjust to 4 different sizes and note the non-girl colours - perfect to hand down to a little brother in a few years


Justin said...

Happy Birthday Lily! And suchi! I am impressed. One of my favorite meals, and that is awesome that she loves it at 5.

Anonymous said...

bonne fete, lily!!

SylvChezPlum said...

Happy birthday lily ! It was nice to see you all on saturday.
And penny, I've just tagged you for a meme: you can see the rules on my blog..
A bientot !

Rupal said...

Awww - what lovely pics! And such a gorgeous sweater - uh, sorry, jumper :-)

Happy Birthday to Lily!

CLMama said...

Happy Birthday to Lily. I very much remember when you were pregnant with her, P. How the time has gone by, and how beautiful she is...

Penny said...

Justin - my kids adore anything high in salt or sugar!

Thanks anonymous - whoever you are :). I'm guessing you're french given what you wrote!

Thanks Sylvie - I'll check it out but I warn you I am notoriously lazy when it comes to memes! :)

Thanks Rupal :)

Thanks CL - it seems like yesterday and an eternity ago at the same time :)

The Late Bloomer said...

What wonderful photos! You always keep such a great record of events, Penny -- I'm sure you're going to be so happy down the road to have kept pics of the kids and events here on your blog.

Again, just wanted to send on my belated birthday wishes to Lily -- I'm trying to catch up on a backlog of blog reading! She must have had such an amazing day...