Wednesday, 21 May 2008

Wake up Brisbane!

It seems they are set to build yet another tunnel in Brisbane. How many does this make now? I've lost count. When are people going to wake up and realize that their devotion to their cars is simply not sustainable? For all the money, wasted on tunnels, Brisbane could probably have had a decent underground metro system by now. Its a vicious circle, people wont give up their cars and use the public transport systems available as they are underfunded and unreliable. And yet, if people continue with their slavish devotion to their cars, the traffic struggles they complain about will only get worse. It makes me very glad to be living in Europe where at least they attempt to battle these situations head on.

If you want to read more about car free lifestyles, check out Carfree USA blog, who discuss these issues far more eloquently than I do...


Le Tigre in France said...

yeah I don't get this either! In Melbourne they had all these plans to make St Kilda Road a 'Copenhagan style bicycle zone' but of course...didn't happen. The commute for most workers in Melbourne is 1 hour plus. At one point they banned bikes on trains and trams because they supposedly took up too much room, but people were using their bikes to get from certain points so they didn't have to use their cars so it was totally counterproductive. They really need more money to go into public transport, it's quite a mess in Melbourne. Living in West Brunswick for a time it took me 15-20 minutes by car to get to work in the city..and more than an hour by public transport! Crazy.

Andromeda said...

This is really interesting for me to hear, since I think Americans have this lovely idyllic impression of Australia, all wild and untamed, kangaroos everywhere, bungee jumpers and skydivers galore. Ok, maybe not all Americans, just me, lol. So your blog is very good for me, learning lots about down under!

But yeah, Europe is where it's at in therms of public transport. For me it's less about the time and more about the money. A 4 hour train ride here costs maybe 30 euros, and in the states, at least 80-100 dollars. Ridiculous.

Anonymous said...

They're also talking about ring roads around the city to ease the congestion, but you're right if they put the money into upgrading the train system with more stations and more frequent times maybe more people would use it instead of driving.

The peak hour traffic is so bad these days. I reckon it would take me at least 1 - 1 1/2 hrs to get to work if i worked in the city and decided to drive. A bit ridiculous for a 10km trip! I'd much rather a relaxing train ride with a good book!!

Petrol prices have just gone up again and parking in the city has gotten so expensive as well - maybe this will force people to train or bus it to work!! I really don't know how people can afford to drive and park in the city!

Anyhow - enough of my rantings :o)


Justin said...

I hope they get it figured out before next year... I really want to try and visit my friends in Brisbane and would hate to be stuck in traffic!

Penny said...

Le tigre - I love that - "Copenhagan style" - yeah right!

Andromeda - Australia is all about cars and 1/4 acre blocks - much like the US, I presume

Justin - dont hold your breath buddy!

kate - I just cant understand why people choose to drive IF there is another option :)